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this sucks for baseball, but it was inevitably going to happen at some point. there's a good reason elite two-way players aren't a thing anymore.

let's see if he can break bryce's record after the surgery. lord knows shohei's gonna try his hardest. he's probably already written up his entire rehab schedule.
Narcissists are always going to be narcing, I hope Schilling feels like the biggest piece of shit today but I bet he doesn't at all. Zero justification for it, but he will come up with some.

Reportedly Tim wasn't feeling well for the past couple of weeks and the brain cancer was discovered. So if that's true he literally had to live his last days of life suffering in what he thought would be privacy while Schilling did what he did. Tim's wife reportedly has pancreatic cancer, and their kids are 19 and 17.
It's the most exciting time of the season and the MLB Thread has been neglected. :wink:


Can you feel the excitement?

No, I don't really feel the excitement, but I'll tune in at certain points during the Series. I suppose I'll root for the Rangers. Gotta represent the AL.

Jinx Alert:

Rangers in 6
I love it. I love that there are no big names. Either the Diamondbacks become the most unlikely champs in a very long time, or the Rangers win their first. This will be the most interesting series since 2016. But no, the elites tell me that I'm supposed to want the Astros and Dodgers again...

I'm happy either way. Slightly rooting for the D-backs, but I'll say Rangers in 5.
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So the Rangers finally won themselves a World Series. It took them, what, 52 seasons? I think I made it to the 7th inning and then I passed out. I heard a lot of Ranger fans there at Chase Field. Didn't seem like a road game for them. Another MLB season in the books.
I'm not going to pretend I'm the world's biggest baseball fan or Rangers fan, but I watched my dad and grandma stay true for the a third of a century, so I'm pretty stoked for them.

I think I watched 1 inning of the playoffs

I watched zero of games 1-4, flipped over a few times during commercials in game 5 (Saw Eovaldi get out of bases loaded jam in the 5th), then managed to tune in for the final out of the game.
As for the first 3 rounds, I maybe watched an hour or so total combined.
of the whole series, i only saw the final 2 pitches of the game last night, and that was only because i was trying to watch seinfeld at 11pm on fox like usual.

fuck baseball.
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