Jon Stewart retiring from the Daily Show

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Actually deep is really not off the mark there.

Regardless of that, nuking your own country is suicide. You'll wipe out your enemy but also yourself. Not enough adjectives could describe how foolish that is. Thankfully, it was never done.

Back to Trevor's tweets. He admitted they weren't funny either.
So, is anybody going to watch his last show tonight? I would, but I'm out of the country. I'll find it online after the fact. Sad to see him go.

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I'm still holding out hope that he's announcing his candidacy for president tonight.

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Just finished watching the finale. :sad: :sad: :sad: Well done Jon, well done. And nice job Colbert :up: I'm gonna miss this show a lot. One of my favorite shows. One of the few that I recorded and watched.



I'd start at Comedy Central's website.

If you find something, please share the link(s).

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart - The Comedy Channel this at least has some of his vids (aka i cbf looking to see how far back their log goes). how quickly does comedy channel oz show daily show eps? bc on...monday i believe it was, they showed basically an hour-long clip episode stretching...well not as far back as i'd like. i thought it was kinda lame as it was mostly recent episodes, but then thursday comedy central here basically just did a marathon all day of favourite episodes.

so my point being, check and see if they're going to air all that on comedy channel when they air the finale (if it hasn't been aired there already). the first episode was aired, the first one after 9/11, one with obama from uhh i guess it had to be some time earlier this year (the beginning didn't tape so the date wasn't said, hence me not being 100% on when it was, but they said he had 18 months left to his presidency), all the episodes shown were hilarious.
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