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Feb 9, 2024
Hello everyone! I finally made an account here to post something lol. I love music so I try to make it a priority to see concerts I'm super excited about. I used to play music so it brings me joy to see people play and bring people together. I've grown up with U2 and I've seen them 4 times so far. I'm hoping to bring my mom to see them at the Sphere so wish me luck. Last minute medical emergency has caused me to need to sell my tickets. So if anyone is looking for tickets, I gave up dealing with scammers that I'm posting them on Ticketmaster section 305 Feb.17th for face value. Have fun and take photos! If anybody has tickets for March 1st or 2nd, please reach out. This was my mom's Christmas present so she's devastated she can't go this week :/
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