U2 Show Logistics Question/Theories

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Dec 11, 2023
I have seen the Sphere show (Dec. 9th)

My question is rooted in curiosity. I figured this forum may have ideas on how these logistics work.

Does the band fly in for the Wednesday show, and then leave immediately back to LA? Do they return Friday "day" and stay overnight for the Saturday show, and then return to LA after? Or do they get on the PJ after all shows back to wherever, presumably LA?

I say all this assuming LA is the staging ground during their Sphere show runs (see Bono eating out in LA last night/Thurs. 12/14)

How often do they soundcheck in the Sphere, or not much at all?

When they leave the stage and exit the building, I wonder if they are up and out of the building immediately per se, it's impressive how few sightings and how small the U2 entourage is with this venue. Vegas lends itself to many back corridors and hallways with these resorts and such.

Anyway, this venue and city were truly a great pairing for U2 to play Achtung (at least the American irony side of Achtung) and the Sphere serving as the right venue to tease out an ode to old Zoo TV.

Last thought, hearing Ambient Baby in the concourse and at the Zoo Station pop up with Anton's pictures slowly flipping by was a subtle highlight. A lump in the throat was felt by me, in a -- this was your life moment. It was a quiet and touching reflection back to OUR lives soundtracked by this band, while getting to celebrate them as well. It was almost like a visit to Windmill Lane in a sense, just time to take it all in at your pace.

Well played U2 Team.
I believe Bram is staying in Vegas, as are the crew.

I believe the band stays in Vegas Friday to Saturday, but heads back to LA the other days.

There are many hotels in Vegas with private elevators for VIPs so that they can get to their penthouse without anyone ever seeing them.

Someone in the facebooks thought they figured it out when they saw a Wynn owned jet going from Burbank to Vegas on Wednesday, back Wednesday night, and then back to Vegas again on Friday morning and back to Burbank Saturday.

It liked up but there were a couple of discrepancies - one time the jet landed after the show had begun. Also Wynn and Venetian are competing companies, and VIPs and artists fly back and forth from Vegas to LA all the time.

So nobody really knows for sure.
A fan I met on Wednesday says that he heard the band was flying in and out of Vegas after each show. But I think staying for the Friday and Saturday shows makes the most sense.
Crazy how there really hasn’t been a sighting of them, except Bram and Adam at the exhibit the week of the first show.
Opening weekend Bono definitely went to church in Vegas on Sunday as the band posted it on social.

I'm a little surprised we haven't at the very least heard of them attending other shows and/or hitting up the occasional upscale dining spot - but if they're only really staying over the one night then it makes sense.

Even if they did stay more, it's not as if we'd see Bono sidling up to a blackjack table.
Joyful and I are pretty sure we saw the band leave the Sphere on Nov 3. We took our time exiting and were walking past as a caravan of Rivian SUVs drove away from behind the Sphere. There were only a few of us fans around, but we all waved, just in case.
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