Sphere #3 - Oct 5 - Setlist Party

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Sep 25, 2023
Kansas City, MO
Hope nobody minds a new guy starting up the conversation for tonight...excited to tune into weekend two and see what's in store!

Any predictions for the middle section?

I'll try to update this first post with streaming links in case anyone wants to tune in.

My gut is telling me they do some older cuts in the middle section tonight; maybe 11 o'Clock or Bad. SOS versions of either. I'm really not sure how much they're going to stick to the single-album highlight, and I think AIWIY is going to be a staple segueing between the two sections.
If they don't change the any songs tonight, then we have our set list confirmed for all 25 shows.
If they don't change the any songs tonight, then we have our set list confirmed for all 25 shows.

Bono did say at show two they are still going to rotate, but they had lots of fun so did it again. Maybe RAH is the show one album and the groups of 2-3 shows will see Zooropa or TUF as the rotating albums.
They lie to themselves. So whatever they said, means nothing until it happens.
I predict they will rotate through sets of RAH, Zooropa, ATYCLB, and SOI. Dats it.
Since it’s their first show after a 4-day break, I think it’ll be the same set as the first weekend. Gotta get back into the groove somehow.

I shall see in the morning if I’m right. :wink:
The Unforgettable Fire was released on October 1st in 1984 so maybe they’ll include some songs from it tonight.
I thought Bono sounded a little more confident through Zoo Station and The Fly tonight. EBTTRT continues to fall just slightly flat for me.
This is why I hate leaving the house -- drunk lady annoying our stream.
“Lazy”, “same ol’, same ol’”, “never take chances,” “why can’t they be like Pearl Jam/Radiohead/Springsteen pre-2023”, et. al.
The boys are sounding great, getting used to Vegas I presume. I'm amused at the GA chatter. Besides that, the audience feels like a U2 audience.

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