Songs that would fit better on SOI vs. SOE?

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May 14, 2007
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I checked to see if there was already a thread on this, couldn't see one.

Are there any songs you think should have been on SOI that were featured on SOE, or vice versa? As we know, a lot of these songs were developed / written around the same time. Which ones don't quite fit the concept of their respective albums?

I've heard it said that Every Breaking Wave doesn't fit on SOI, and I would have to agree. It seems like a mature perspective on a relationship, certainly not a perspective coming from Bono in the early days. It's an interesting song in that it came out of the NLOTH sessions, and it would have been a long time for the band to hold onto a song from that period until the release of SOE, but I really think it would have worked better on that album.

Another I would argue is Volcano. I think some of it reads like a "letter" from present Bono to his past self (and some of it the other way around) which fits the theme of SOE better. Of course, including Volcano would mean you probably wouldn't include American Soul, but's that not a big loss IMO. I don't love either of these songs but if I had to pick, I would keep Volcano.

The Troubles is kind of curious. You would imagine that it fits the theme of early days U2 just based on the title, but it's actually about an abusive relationship. So I'm not sure it fits the theme of SOI. However, I wouldn't remove it from the album because it's one of the best songs on it. It could be removed if you're being super strict about the concept.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to include your custom track lists for either album, I love seeing that kind of stuff. :wave:
Agreed on Every Breaking Wave. It's a mature song, and would fit better on SOE.

Nobody ever agrees with me - but California doesn't belong on Songs of Innocence. I'm not sure it belongs in SOE either. Chronologically speaking it takes place well after the rest of the album.

I get what you're saying about The Troubles, but in my eyes the abuse in that song isn't necessarily between a man and a woman. We know that This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now was originally supposed to be the first track. They shoehorned it in the back of the album - splitting up two songs that I think are directly tied to each other - The Troubles and Sleep Like A Baby Tonight.

Invisible also absolutely belongs on SOI, and not as a hidden track.
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