New Album Discussion 9 - Larry needs new arms, ba rum pa pum pum

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Which songs do you think will be in our Top Picks out of 40 from SOS? I've heard the clips from the book so I assume that's the same shit. But fuck it, guess...

I picked my Top Songs on quick listen...

1. Bad
2. Wild Horses (it's one of my favorite songs so fuck yes)
3.Stuck in a Moment
4. Ordinary Love
6. Invisible
9. Desire (I think Edge is singing, another of my all time favs)
10. Until End of World...
11. Song For Someone
12. All I Want Is You
13. Lights of Home
14. 2 Hearts Beat As 1
15. Miracle Drug (all time favorite)

Songs I haven't heard might be the best just based on original, songs like Stay...

Fuck it, I'll picking every song... 40 for 40!!!

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