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zoo skis

Oct 1, 2023
Hi, I'm Kate, an 18-year-old senior in high school. I am a competitive freeride snow skier.

I got into U2 by chance in May 2022, when I was 16. Neither of my parents are U2 fans. My mom was shuffling some 80s hits playlist, and the intro to ISHFWILF came on. I was mesmerized. The vocals came in, "I have climbed highest mountains..." and I was immediately 100% sold on U2. It sounded vaguely familiar, so rock, so classic, so compelling, so universal and yet intimately relatable. Then... my mom skipped the song before it even got to the chorus :lol: However, the damage had been done. I watched the music video and that was the beginning of my U2 obsession. Throughout that summer, I did a lot of research and gradually went deeper into U2's discography. Today, I regularly listen to all of their 80s and 90s material (I don't like the 2000s albums much), and I love The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum, Achtung Baby, and Zooropa. I know approximately zero U2 fans who are close to my age.

I also like the band NEEDTOBREATHE, specifically their albums The Outsiders and The Reckoning, and I am getting more into Pearl Jam. I am a big fan of anthemic, guitar-driven rock.

I saw Bono's book tour in NYC in May, and he was amazing. Opening night of the Sphere was my first U2 show.
Welcome! Great to have new blood in an aging fandom! :lol: There are a few younger people that have been forcefully indoctrinated, but glad to hear that there are organically acquired new fans!
I completely agree! I consider myself lucky to not be missing out on U2 like the majority of my peers.
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