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Have always known U2, but Bono turned me into a real fan in 2005
June 24
California :)
U2 and Music Information
Feel very lucky to have seen Bono and Edge perform with BB King. When Love Comes To Town. ♥
Favorite U2 Album
Achtung Baby, but I love How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb too.
Favorite U2 Song
One, With or Without You
Been a U2 fan since
Prized item in U2 collection
Visiting U2's Joshua Tree in the California desert is a valued memory, U2 ipods, giant HTDAAB display from Tower Records, THE UBER BOX.
Favorite U2 lyrics
"God is Love And Love is Evolution's Very Best Day" + "C'mon ye people, we're made of stars!" + "Lights go down and all I know is that you give me something" + "Walk out, into a sunburst street"
Favorite U2 band members
Bono + Edge
I was introduced to U2 by
Life (and Bono himself)
U2 shows I've seen
Vertigo Portland Oregon 12-19-2005 ♥
Bono, Edge & BB King reunited for When Love Comes To Town, Hollywood, CA 10-26-2008 (that was a highlight)
360 Las Vegas 10-23-2009
360 Rose Bowl 10-25-2009
360 Oakland, CA 6-7-2011
360 Anaheim, CA 6-17-2011
360 Anaheim, CA 6-18-2011
360 East Rutherford, NJ 7-20-2011
360 Minneapolis, MN 7-23-2011
360 Pittsburgh, PA 7-26-2011
360 Moncton, NB CA 7-30-2011
Bono & Edge at A Decade of Difference, Hollywood, CA 10-15-2011
i+e Tour Los Angeles, CA 5-26-2015
i+e Tour Los Angeles, CA 5-31-2015
Joshua Tree 2017, Rose Bowl 5-21-2017
Other Bands
Green Day


Walk out, into a sunburst street...
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