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    Manchester meetup.

    Any U2 fans going to Bono's show in Manchester on 19 Nov I'll be there from about 4 or 5 so will have a couple of hours to fill. PM meet if you want to meet up at a bar/cafe. I am male and 38 years old.
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    U2 vs "reunion" Guns n Roses

    I don't know about the USA and other markets but they certainly could sell out a UK stadium tour in the summer. In my opinion U2 should actually shorten their show to 2 hours and just give us a good 2 hours. I cannot see how they can play 3 hours and keep the quality up. I do understand people...
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    Zoo TV Washington

    Most of you have probably seen the ZOO TV Washington concert - it is of course one of the best quality Zoo TV 'bootlegs' and also features a good performance I am guessing this was shown on TV? Does anyone know where it aired? I presume there must exist in an archive somewhere a better...
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    Is this the end for a while?

    I know - what I meant was 1 show for england/scotland/wales and 1 show for ROI/NI. I don't think many are bothered about an AB tour where they play every song in order but certainly one where they play most if not all the songs. somewhere in the show I think there is demand essentially for a...
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    Is this the end for a while?

    As far as the UK goes I don't think their touring has hurt demand - ticket prices may have. The reality is most people will maybe see U2 once a tour - so seeing them once a year is no biggie. What people don't want to do is pay upwards of £200 a seat for the privilege. If you watched them in...
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    Is this the end for a while?

    There is a certain amount of demand for a U2 show regardless of what album it is - do you think most of the casuals went to EI for the Experience songs? They can still do a reasonably large tour just doing AB and greatest hits.
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    Is this the end for a while?

    Somehow I doubt U2 would already have decided they were finished without annoucing it - if they are to finish I am sure they will make a song and dance about it and go out with a bang.
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    Is this the end for a while?

    In order to negate some of the wear and tear/old age I think they should do a very stripped back show in terms of set up and play far fewer dates - maybe 1 date per country (or for UK and Ireland - one show on each Island). For a certain song on the Experience tour I felt a huge increase in...
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    It's been 25 years since the ZooTV Dublin gig

    How does it compare to them now? To me it sounds in a different league from anything I have seen (from Vertigo tour onwards) - both song hcoiuce and just musically. I do wonder though if I am being overly romantic about what it was like. That said, the recordings can't lie!
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    I+E vs JT vs E+I Which Tour is Best?

    IE EI JT IE had the novelty factor. I am a huge Achtung Baby fan and I think we got like 6 AB songs at London EI JT was worse by some distance. EI may have taken it if they had kept in some of the classics.
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    Me too, phew.
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    yup - hoping for another though on the IE tour they were dropping all the time - although it was 6 shows as opposed to 2.
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    what are the odds for london now?
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    London #1 setlist party

    IMO Vertigo, Elevation and BD should have been at the start to get the crowd going, then SBS, NYD and pride - pushing the JT back. WOWY needs to be played in the dark. Use of the screen was absolute rubbish. The GA floor looked liek it was only using 75% capacity - could easily have fitted a...
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    Going to a show by yourself?

    I go to gigs alone all the time and will be going to London alone. Last week i went to see Guns N Roses - 3 hours travel there, around 4 hours hanging around time (inc the gig) and 3 hours travel back. You can talk to others if you want or you don't have to. As others have said you have a...
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    GA "Line" Shenanigans Part 2: You Just Made The List!

    how can people be arsed to queue up at 4am a full 18 of hours before the show and then enjoy the show?
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    Is an AB tour likely in 2021?

    I agree that based on current performances, in 5 years I don't think they will be able to do it justice.
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    Vancouver Setlist Party (OPENING NIGHT!)

    Initially thought the brown thing was a screen to hide what was behind but if it is the main screen I like the fact that it appears quite simple. I hope they actually use some of it to show clear shots of the band for those of us who cannot see the band because we are far back.
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    Joshua tree set list speculation

    IMO they will play upbeat songs to start - then a few more. Then all of JT to either finish or to finish the mai nset and do an encore. Very much doubt they will start with JT in full.
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    So...How Will Bono Perform the JT Songs?

    When I first saw the tour was annouced this was my first thought as I suspect RMT is a hard song to sing. My thoughts are they will either strip back and make it different in soem way.
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    Is this true about the Boston DVD

    Sorry to bump this up after 5 years but had to be done - you can blame it on the fact that I've got withdrawal symptons from going to the gigs and need something to keep me occupied. Does anyone have a video or photos of the fans during One where they created a circle?
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    U2BROTHR the MOVIE !

    By conincidence I was watching the video of that lady mouthing off at the NY MSG concert and you were onstage and said your name was U2BROTHER and then I came on here and saw a user called U2BROTHR on an old post. Just saw your movie. I think you've been onstage 3 times now then - once with...
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    London #5 Setlist

    I thought Yahweh on the Vertigo tour was well done - it isn't the best song but the videos on the stadium gigs certainly was really cool and I think the crowd liked it - infact I think the Yahweh screen footage was probably the best of the entire show. The Vertigo thing was weird but there was...
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    Red Zone- better than the real thing ??

    I have been twice and think I got the best of both worlds On night 1 I stood just outside the red zone and in the centre of the arena so I got to see the whole screen properly and the band walking end to end - the downside was that I couldn't really see the band that well on either stage as I...
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    London #5 Setlist

    I saw VERTIGO three times and SOI twice. Personally thought VERTIGO was a better show. I missed ELEVATION but I suspect that was also much better than all 3 tours after it.
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