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    Tour in March, Vegas start - says Edge

    It is time....the world will be enlightened once again!""
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    The Sun and the Moon

    Great poem!! I like your use of light/dark imagery. I write poems myself. Check out "Just As" by , Me. lol
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    U2 New Album Information

    What about ticket sites besides ticketmaster? Those work well don't they? I'm saving up and wanna see a lot of shows on the next tour.
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    Hello New Yorkers .........

    Howard Beach here. What's your AIM s/n?
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    Dream setlists!

    1.Window In the Skies 2.Vertigo 3.All Because Of You 4.Another Time Another Place 5.New Year's Day 6.Love Is Blindness 7.Gone 8.New York 9.Gloria 10.Sunday Bloody Sunday 11.Babyface 12.Stay(Faraway So Close!) 13.Wild Honey 14.All I Want Is You 15.Streets 16.Mysterious Ways 17.COBL 18.Beautiful...
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    Dream setlists!

    1.Vertigo 2.Electric Co. 3.Gone 4.LNOE 5.Wake Up Dead Man 6.Stuck In A Moment 7.I Will Follow 8.Love And Peace Or Else 9.Sunday Bloody Sunday 10.Trip Through Your Wires 11.MLK 12.Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 13.Do You Feel Loved? 14.I Still Haven't Found/All I Want Is You 15.Where the...
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    NOW PLAYING- On your PC or CD player

    Bon Jovi- All About Lovin' You
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    MIlano dvd full setlist info

    I want the full DVD! When's Imax coming ?
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    Dream setlists!

    1.Beautiful Day 2.MLK 3.Pride 4.A Day Without Me 5.SYCMIOYO 6.One Step Closer 7.I Still Haven't Found 8.Scarlet 9.Angel of Harlem 10.If God Will Send His Angels 11.Gone 12.New Years Day 13.Love and Peace or Else 14.Running to Stand Still 15.Streets 16.Mofo 17.Acrobat 18.Mysterious Ways 19.One...
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    U2 and R.E.M.

    I'm praying that this happens ONE Beautiful Day!:wink:
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    Good poem. I like your use of light imagery. Romantic too!:up: Check out mine. It is called Just As. Tell me what ya think.
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    Just a Thought...

    sounds cool, you mean play bullet first then october or drop bullet and just play october
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    Just As

    I wrote this the other day tell me what ya think: Patience is necessity just as necessity sometimes takes patience Seeds yearn for water just as pure water yearns for the seed The tune searches for the singer just as the singer searches for the tune Wisdom takes experience just as experience...
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    Why do you write poetry?

    I write because I love to and it is a great release of feelings:wink:
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    U2 and R.E.M.

    Does anyone here believe that a major concert with R.E.M. and U2 would be awesome? I thought about this the other day. Think about it, R.E.M. can go on first for an hour and forty minutes and then U2 after that for the same amount of time and they can both share guest vocals and guitar in each...
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    probably asked a million times but what does Bono say during Electric Co in Chicago?

    He says, "This is for anyone at the Aragon 20 yrs ago 25 23." The Aragon Ballroom is in Chicago...many bands who just start out play there I know from looking up rock n roll history as I am 19. In 1981,82,83 U2 were a young band so they dedicated Electric Co. to the people of Chicago in 05.:larry:
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    Always is one of the best b-sides ever!! It should be played live.
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    Im U2 crackers!!!

    I don't want a cure from being U2 crazy!!!!!!!!!!!:hyper:
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    nice knees!
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    Dream setlists!

    Everyone let's take a break from fixing the Vertigo setlists and have some fun. What are your dream setlists for a U2 concert? Here's mine: 1.Out Of Control 2.New Year's Day 3.Beautiful Day 4.Gloria 5.The Refugee 6.Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 7.Babyface 8.Miracle Drug 9.Bad...
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